CV-ish things

My publications page includes information about my professional experience, links for professional works (publications, presentations, etc) and associated metrics, and specific deliverable products grouped by topic area.

The Carpentries

The Carpentries is a non-profit organization that teaches data and computational skills to researchers. I have been an instructor for the group since 2014, and was a trainer (who teaches people to be instructors) from 2019 to 2022. I also served in leadership of community governance from 2015-2018.


MetaDocencia is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching open science tools and practices for training and capacity building to researchers and educators in Spanish-speaking regions. I was pleased to serve as an advisor for them from 2020 to 2022.

Merely Useful

I collaborate with a small group of diverse researchers on a book project, called Merely Useful when it began in 2018. The first book from this project, Research Software Engineering with Python: Building software that makes research possible, was published by Taylor and Francis in July 2021. We have begun work on the second book, about research software engineering in R. All of our work for this project is publicly available on GitHub, both during and after development.

Resources for open science

In my initial role at CZI (2021-2022), I created an Open Science Resources website to highlight information about sharing protocols, software, data, and preprints/publications with biomedical researchers.


I teach workshops related to both technical and non-technical (e.g., professional development) skills. All workshop materials listed below are open source and useful in self-directed learning.

Technical workshops

My teaching methods for technical skills related to data and computing skills are heavily influenced by The Carpentries, which are designed to help researchers and research support staff gain technical skills. More information about Carpentries workshops, including lesson materials and curricula, is available here.

While at Fred Hutch, I adapted and developed workshop materials to teach data and computing skills to biomedical researchers. These training materials are available through

Non-technical workshops

In addition to teaching Instructor Training for the Carpentries,
I have designed and taught the workshops below for other researchers and scientists.

Professional assets in data science careers

Workshop materials are available in this GitHub repository.

This workshop has been presented at: