Return of the false start

I wrote my first blog post in July, then promptly neglected any subsequent posts until December.

Shortly after writing that first post, I decided to switch up how the site was built. My initial instinct had been to use a Jekyll site with the Minimal Mistakes theme and deploy with GitHub Pages, an approach that was familiar to me from websites I support during my day job at Fred Hutch.

That approach lasted all of five days, after which I decided to take the plunge and convert to a Hugo site generated from blogdown and deployed using Netlify. It was my first time using any of these tools, and at first, it literally turned my world on its head:

upside down Kate pic

Why did it only happen in one web browser, only on one of my MacBook Air laptops? Who knows! It’s fixed now.

If you’re interested in the code behind this site, the repository is available publicly on GitHub.